International Volunteers

Who we are

We’re a group of English speaking individuals who are passionate about supporting the World Wide Fund for Nature. This group was formed because we noticed a large number of volunteers who were eager to support WWF Switzerland, and simply felt more comfortable communicating in English. 

All of our activities are in English. Of course, if you speak German or any other language, you are more than welcome!

Upcoming events

We are organizing the Sustainable Fashion Walk on June 29th in Zürich.

Link to meetup event:

Past events:

For spring 2024 we have organized two events together with WWF Zurich.

- Small animals - big mice hunters! The weasel is important and popular in our fields. To encourage them, we are building weasel castles together on April 6. 

More details and free sign up here.

- Clean-up along the shore of the lake of Zurich. A campaign against plastic and other waste: Get involved! On May 25th, we will pick up trash along the shore of Lake Zurich. More information and free sign-up here.

What we do

We work alongside the other WWF groups and we host a wide variety of events, from rescuing migratory birds, to having an expert talk to us about solar energy, to learning about species and ecosystems... to just hanging out!

We are open to your input and ideas, or even developing your own project. 

What people say about us

«The group of international volunteers for WWF Switzerland is the best! It's been a great pleasure meeting everyone in the group, and it's wonderful to among people that want to contribute for a better world.» Yon Berry

«This group provided an excellent opportunity as an English speaker to proactively get involved in a number of local nature based initiatives. I have found that the events have been well run and it is also been a great way to spend time with people from different backgrounds and nationalities, sharing the same interest in nature.»  Nina Judge  

How to join

If you are keen to join us, sign up for our newsletter.

The latest newsletter you find HERE

For upcoming events, go to:  


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